Some of you might remember my cover of this song from back in 2008 and it was pretty succesful. I decided to redo it mainly for the Zelda cover contest in the pit, but i've been wanting to re-record my Zelda stuff for a while cause i'm not really happy with how they turned out. Anyway you can listen to it on my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/12Jim34/music/play889322

Looking for feedback on, how improved it is, guitar playing, sound, anything at all. Thanks for any responses and C4C of course

Haha yea i remember listening to your first cover. Don't remember well enough to compare between the two though haha. This one's pretty sick though. Clean playing, good tone, overall good sound quality. Hell of a nice job on this! Especially towards the end.
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Man, I've listened to both and I must say that you've done a great job!
The new version is definitely better recorded, and I think the guitar tone is must better. Also, the rhythm is much tighter.

Things are mixed pretty nicely, very professional. I don't usually listen to metal, but I just love this - so awesome! Very nicely arranged, and produced.

I like how you've panned specific things on either side, and how you've done panning to the harmonies. Each part seems to have their own place in the mix, and nothing is there 'just for the sake of it'.

Keep it up!