Hi. I am considering to change bridge pickup in my guitar. It's an Ibanez MTM2, currently with V8 pickup in bridge position. I want to change it because I've seen people with better pickups get good high gain off this amp (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99uvkCmn2dI), and my cranked up OD2 channel is nowhere near that. My question is, is my thinking correct and will pickup change make things better? Also can you reccomend some good pickup for metal playing? I've been thinking about DiMarzio X2N but like to check out other suggestions.

Thanks a lot!
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i would be very suprised if the pickups in that guitar were not higher in output than the ones in that video. The 498t is not a hot pickup at all.
So if my weak sound isn't connected with pickups maybe something's wrong with the tube? When I play with volume, it crackles terribly and it doesn't happen on the clean channel which doesn't use the tube. Can a faulty tube cause weak overdrive?