I've been looking into buying an MBox 2 Mini to do some acoustic solo recordings. However, in some reviews I've read people complain about the need for an external HD.

Could someone explain the reason this external HD might be necessary? What do I need to buy in order to run Pro Tools properly on my laptop?

If anyone has any other thoughts (positive or negative) on the Mini - I'd appreciate it.
It doesn't, they probably just need it for DAW stuff and audio files. Personally, I hated my mbox 2 mini and sold it in favor of a presonus audiobox. ProTools is overrated, at least in a home studio environment when you don't have ProTools HD and a thousand special audio cards and a huge desk. Honesty, look into other DAWs because most other stuff is just as powerful for home stuff, and even in a professional setting PT is overrated. I've had plenty of experience with HD in a pro studio on my campus and everything comes out sounding the same as if i ran the snake from the performance room into my macbook with my presonus box and Ableton Live.

Edit: just re-read that you want to do acoustic solo recordings. You should avoid ProTools like the plague, it's huge and bulky and LE with an Mbox mini is SO limited. For the same amount of money you can get a Presonus Firebox with their Studio One software and have a hassle-free professional sounding setup. The mbox will make your laptop its bitch, and you won't be able to open ProTools unless it's plugged in, which sucks. Do yourself a favor and use a different DAW/Interface.
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Like Sid McCall said, the MBox 2 Mini doesn't need an external hard drive but it is generally recommended to have a separate hard drive that's dedicated to the DAW and it's files.

I'm not against the MBox 2 Mini as such, I use one myself and I manage some decent recordings in a crappy untreated room, but if you're going for just solo guitar and voice you need to focus more on the preamp side of things and the MBox hasn't had great preamps since the first one that had Focusrite hardware.

That said I don't agree with much that Sid McCall has to say when he bitches about ProTools. A software that is huge and bulky? Really? ProTools is really no less and no more complicated/good/bad than any other DAW; if you know your way around it you get good results.
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I agree with you - I have used ProTools and have really liked using it. That said, I'm sure I can figure out how to operate other programs to good results as well.

What would you recommend in terms of the best preamps? Preferably within the same budget as the MBox, but I'm open to more expensive as well.