I've just started a new post-rock/ambient project, and got most of the recording for a first release done - most of my inspiration came from bands like Mogwai and Russian Circles, if you know them. Just thought I'd spread the name and link about a bit, see if people like what I've done.

Any comments or thoughts you have would be welcome - hell, I'd be glad to hear them :3

Thanks for your time!

Album out now!
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It's been a while since I updated it but after struggling through exams and suchlike, I've used my free time to get my album recorded!

Check the facebook page out if you like the sound of that to keep in touch. Expecting to release it on bandcamp and in physical copies.

Cheers :3
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I'm liking this. Maybe even enough to buy it. You avoid crescendos well: something I like as it is easy to just build up loads of layers.

I have no interest in a digital copy, but when you get a few pressed, I would be happy to buy one.
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