I've pretty much narrowed my search down to 2 pedals.

Ernie Ball Jr.

Morley Volume Plus

I like the tuner output feature on the Jr. but I've heard that the Morley is better quality.

I'll mostly be using this with my Memory Man for some sweet swells.
Which one should I get?

Also, can someone explain what the Minimum Volume Control is on the Morley?
Morley stuff is built like a tank. If it's like their wahs they use an opto resistor instead of a pot for the actuator. If their volume pedal does that too, grab it. Pots suck, they go scratchy and start to crackle after a while and need replacing, optos last practically forever.
Minimum volume is just what it says it is, it sets the minimum volume that it will turn down to.
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The morely is massive, the ernies have a crappy string that break often.

Id take the morley out of them two.

Though i reccomend the Dunlop GCB-80 too. I have one, small footprint, and a regular pot/gear mechanism. Though its passive.
I have the Ernie Ball, and I absolutely love it. Haven't had any issues with the string (yet).
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