Hello people,

Sorry if its not the right place to ask this but,
Where can i find the Lamb of God tab book, by Lamb of God? Doesn't matter what album, just need one.
Is there any chance that i can buy it for PDF file somewhere?
And please don't tell me to search for lamb of god tabs in the internet,
It seems that they are all wrong.

Thanks, and sorry for my English.
Okay, Thanks everybody. You guys really helped.
But still, can i buy it and download it as a PDF file somewhere?
I'm sure there are accurate GP5 files on here, use those.
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Have you tried torrenting it?

Also, some of the guitar pro files one here aren't bad. I remember using the Laid To Rest one and Set To Fail one. I also know Guitar World transcribed Set To Fail a while back. They probably have some more.

But seriously. Check torrenting it. I've found Pink Floyd tab books and shit.

(yeah I played floyd and lamb of god. wierdo)
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Think you've just hit a few bad ones. Plenty of good GP files for LoG
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