So today I just traveled an hour from home to get this old 4X12 Bass cab (pics and a new thread later today hopefully). It was $50 and all I asked the guy was if the speakers worked. Anyways, one of the speakers has a hole in the middle of it. So it has to be replaced, but I don't know what the impedance is. The jack on the back only has one input and in marker says 4 ohms. So I'm assuming they're 16 ohms wired parallel. And the speakers only say 123816G 67 7328 on the back of them. The magnets are square, and they're heavy. The speakers are wired from the top right in a clockwise rotation, one speaker to the next.

Could someone either help me find this speaker, or give me a hand determining the impedance of the speakers and how they should be wired?

this is kinda what it looks like
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The speakers are wired in parallel so if the cab is 4ohms each speaker is 16. You can check with a meter which will give you a reading of somewhere between 8 and 16 ohms. Anything over 8 means it is 16ohms.

You may be able to repair the hole if it is just a puncture in the cone or dust cap. It is worth emailing Peavey for any data on the old speaker. A replacement may be tricky as any new speaker will have to match the old ones and the cab and there aren't many 12" 16 ohm speakers out there.

Post a pic of the hole and I'll try to advise you on a repair