Okay so I have a Kustom 30 watt amp that has a 1/4 inch external speaker jack in the back, and I may inherit two Acoustic Research AR-A2's from a neighbor. These look ancient and when I looked at the back, I didn't have a clue how to hook them up. I looked all over the web, but I couldn't find anything about it and it seemed like one of those things that everybody knew so there was no need to explain how to hook them up. So, can someone please fill me in? The back looks like this:

Any help appreciated. Thank you for looking at this
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Your link didn't work.

Also, you will get a lot more help by posting this in GB&C or GG&A.
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These aren't guitar speakers and they're not designed for the kind of sound that a guitar amp will put through them at the kind of output power that a guitar amp will.


Here's a PDF of the original manual for the speaker line, it should confirm to you what I've just said: http://www.mbzponton.org/n2awa/AR_loudspeaker_manual_11_1973.pdf
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Thanks a lot
Elves stick to the Four Main Food Groups:
Candy Canes
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And Syrup