Is is okay if I put my spare electric guitar strings on my acoustic guitar? Ive noticed electric guitar strings are easier on the fingers, but would it work and sound right?
People will tell you not to. I'm sure someone said the electric guitar was a stupid idea as well. If you can afford to have a $10 learning experience than I say go for it, it might sound really cool through the right amp.

Let us know how it goes! They wont damage your guitar or anything.
The only thing I can think of is that your action might be wonky since acoustic things are typically a way thicker gauge than electric strings and there won't be as much tension on the neck. But like squidlips said, if you can can afford it go for it!
Ive put electric strings on an acoustic and vice versa. Except for action, it was fine. And acoustic strings on electric gives bettr bass response
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