Yeah so this is an experiment for Google Chrome, and is a project for one of my favorite bands the Arcade Fire. This is soooo cool and you should all try it. It's an interactive song/video/user generated effects while "We Used to Wait" plays. So sick!
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Uhmmm... Well, apparently I was mentioned in a thread called "Japan and Lesbians."

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Try typing "potatoes" with your dick then submit it.

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Wow, that was actually pretty cool! I'm pleasantly surprised

Plus, the song was fantastic

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I don't want to download Chrome.
It ran so damn slow and glitchy on Firefox.
just saw this, runs great in chrome its definitely worth downloading it for this

html5 is ****ing ace
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Misleading thread title. I expected a thread about pubes.

I am saddened
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Hanson are musical legends.

You watch your god damn mouth when talking about them.

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I mean, look at me. Can't even get an erection unless I strangle a goat.

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eh... wat?


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Pretty cool, although the final animation with the trees popping up everywhere looked dodgey as.
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