Ok so I've been playing bass for three years now, and i've had lessons so you think id be pretty decent by now right? Wrong. For some reason, for the past couple of months i've been going backwards instead of fowards, and even songs that shouldn't be that hard (such as Easily by RHCP) are becoming increasingly harder for some reason. Any ideas on what i can do to fix this
Take a break. Don't play for a couple of weeks. When you go back to playing, you'll enjoy it more, and find things easier to get back into!
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i tried that it kinda worked, but im mainly have trouble finding like direction
Here are some things that tend to work for me..

1. Play music with people. Nothing is going to jump start you like playing with others. It will quickly force you to the next level. Consider it the musician form of on the job training.
2. Listen to new music or go out to see someone playing live.
3. If you are with the same teacher, maybe its time for a new teacher or a new mentor.
4. Learn a new instrument. Drums is a good choice and will help you in the rhythm area of your bass playing. But any new instrument is going to give you new perspective on your bass playing.
What helps me is to go see a live show. Watching bands I like in action always inspires me to play. Heck, maybe just go to a local venue, you might find something new that you enjoy.
I suggest listening to different styles of music and trying to play those new styles! Good luck!