So I've decided to upgrade my pickups on my standard Mexi Strat. I'm going with DiMarzio vintage ones (they are like stacked humbuckers) the models are: the Area '58, '67, and '61.

My guitar comes standardized with 250k pots, as those are fender standards, and I was wondering if I need to buy 500k pots because the pickups are humbuckers and I've heard that humbuckers need 500k pots.

Another question I have is since I can't physically use my bridge pickup with my neck pickup, if I but a push/pull pot, and used the switch as a tone knob for both the bridge, and the neck pickups. Would this work? I can't see any problems with this electronically speaking, but this is my first time doing anything with guitar electronics.

Thanks for your help,
You don't need to change the pots, stacked humbuckers are designed to sound as close to single coils as possible. Unlike active pickups, passive pickups have no "requirement" as to what value pots to use, it's just what sounds best, the pot value simply shapes the sound. Since 250k is generally accepted as the standar for single coils, I'd sick with them, if you think it's too bright then get lower value ones, if you think it's too dull then get higher value ones (changing the value on the volume or tone knob affect the tone differently, but for both, higher value=more treble).

As for the push pull idea, you can simply wire it so that it when pulled it engages the bridge or neck pickup (your choice) regardless of where the pickup selector is, giving you all possible combinations for a parallel wired guitar.
That was actually a really good idea (about the push/pull thing). Another thing I found though was this: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/ToneShaper-Stratocaster-SSS1-Control-Knobs-and-Switch?sku=476462
Do you think that this would be a good investment? One thing it doesn't say though is what value the pots are, which could be one of the control options but that's not specified. Once again, thanks for the help.
Well, from the sounds of it, he's already picked out what pickups he wants.

250k is normal for single coils, 500k is normal for humbuckers. The higher the value, the brighter it will sound, in the end it's up to you.

That tone shaper thing is interesting, and it comes with it's own pots, if it's what you want, go for it.

And there is a way to add a "bridge switch," just go ask the wiring thread, and I'm sure they'll hook you up or help you out in some way.


So essentially, the following should work:
(see attachment)

Basically it's two mods. One is to enable neck/bridge and all three pickups to be used at once by adding a switch that activates the bridge pickup no matter what position the pick up selector is in. The second is a switch that allows you to control the tone of the bridge pickup, and in the other position of the switch it controls the tone of the neck pickup.

And I have one more question, where, and at what capacitance do I put the capacitors in the circuit, and the same for resistors.

I'll post this in the wiring also.

Thanks for the help.