My Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 amplifier's drive/more drive channel isn't working properly. I'm having two problems although they are connected:

1. I get next to no volume in drive mode if I select "Normal Drive" from Clean mode.

2. If I select "More Drive" from Clean mode then switch to Drive I get no distorted tone although there's plenty of volume. When turning the Drive mode volume dial there is no effect and when moving the clean channel volume dial there is an effect so I'm stuck in clean mode.

I bought this amp brand new in the last few months so its quite a disappointment to have this happen to me. I think the channels get "Confused" If I switch from "More Drive" to "Clean" instead of switching from "More Drive" to "Normal Drive" then to "Clean". I've experienced this issue twice now and I had the foot pedal plugged in both times although that might not have anything significant to do with it, When this happened I didn't have any drive buttons on the amplifier pushed down before switching channels with the foot switch. Also, I was able to fix the problem somehow after monkeying with the buttons for over 15 minutes. I'm not sure exactly what I did that fixed it though. What can I do to make this problem go away? I unplugged the amp and left the power switch on to see if that has an effect on the amp's "memory".
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