ive started playing my epi les paul again and ive noticed that the bridge pickup is very low in volume/overdrive. any reason why this is happening and what i could to do to fix it.

It is low in dist but give it a couple of mintues and it goes back to normal
Could be to do with the electrics. If you haven't played it in a while, maybe some of the wires have corroded or something? I'd recommend taking it too a guitar shop where they can check it out, and you can not worry about messing it up
I'm having this same issue, but it only seems to happen to either pickup when I flip the toggle switch.
i have TWO epi's and they both have faulty pickup selectors. sometimes the pickup sounds weak, other times you can't hear it at all.
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I'm guessing the pickup isn't to low, so there could be something wrong in the wiring. I remember les paul that I had and the one of the pickups was very low, and it ended up being a bad connection. If you take to the shop, they probaly won't charge just to look at it and see whats wrong.
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