Why doesn't anything I learn seem to click when I play? I know my scales, arpeggios, notes, and chords, but I can't come up with creative basslines. I really dig the beggining of The Day Of The Baphomets by The Mars Volta, Pieces Of What by MGMT, The Fantasy by 30 Seconds To Mars, and Mary Had A Little Lamb by Buddy Guy. I just can't seem to think of how the players come up with their lines. I guess I could dissect the latter 3, but songs that start off with a sick bassline like Day of the Baphomets I have no clue.





My ear has been steadily improving so I know that will help, but I really can't come up with anything I like other than the stuff I play all the time which brings me to another thing. Maybe the stuff I play all the time is cool, but I hear it far too often and think less of it...Hmmm... Anyways, I'm just kinda in awe at some bass work and want to write cool music just bass so I can jam alone.
how i think of my riffs is completly random
ill be at work, and ill sing a riff.
i might not remember all of it but ill get home and try to figure it out.

try not to 'think' so much about creating AMAZING RIFFS. because they will be come better with time, practice, and writing material.

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Years of practice and improving will definitely help with your creativeness. It won't come to you instantly. My melodies and guitar lines always sucked and were generic, but after jamming by myself and sometimes with other style instrumentists *I play metal, so maybe I'll jam with my techno liking keyboardist or his blues playing dad* and it just generates new ideas and it all blends to a style of yourself. It'll develop and come to you after awhile, just keep at it
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Listen and learn a variety of styles. Above all, start writing and experimenting and keep on doing it. This is a skill that you can improve by putting it into practice. Everything I came up with sucked too for a while but you WILL improve the more you do it.
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