I found that when I stand up and play with the guitar how you would play live, I am able to now do cleaner sweeps... and they sound pretty good!

BUT the problem is I do not move my arm at all (or slightly), mainly... when I rotate my wrist to my right while I proceed down the neck to the thinner strings, this seems to mute them much better.

Will this cause any long term damage? It's not like I'm hyper extending my wrist. Still though, it just doesn't feel totally right. I don't want to make the same mistake I did with my pinky... which is practice something wrong for so long only to end up having to undo all that learning to prevent further damage.

Therefore: is rotating my wrist an improper technique that will [or may] cause damage down the line if I keep on doing it? Is my technique wrong?
Adjust your guitar to hang in the same place that it would be if you were playing sitting down. If your wrist form gets in the way of smoothly transitioning from sweeping to any other technique then I would stop straight away

By rotating, do you mean like a barrel roll motion, like turning a doorknob?
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My wrist would rotate as if you were waving "hello" to someone, ONLY using your wrists and not your arms at all. (of course I don't go both ways when playing, just one direction to the right).
Ah that's fine, I do a similar motion and it's never given me any problems so far. It's good to avoid motion from your forearm, picking should come from wrist motion
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