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For me it's more like per morning/afternoon. I work night shift.

I usually get about 6-7 at most. Sometimes less.
Quote by daytripper75
For me it's more like per morning/afternoon. I work night shift.

I usually get about 6-7 at most. Sometimes less.

Didn't you just graduate? Why are you undersleeping?
i used to sleep for 8 hours a night during school months, but i've have trouble falling asleep lately. i'll lay awake in bed for 2 hours sometimes before i finally fall asleep. i still function fine on the five or six hours i usually get as long as i drink enough coffee.

i go to sleep at 11 PM or midnight depending on the day and wake up at 5 or 6 AM.
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I get about 6-7 hours of sleep before school. I go to sleep around 1 or 2am and wake up around 8am.
6, and it's not enough. I'm tired every morning and I see bags under my eyes and I've noticed that generally I look a LOT less attractive during the school year than I do in the summer.

Would've gone 8 but that option spanned too wide of a range to be plausible for me. Not as much sleep as I need sometimes, but enough that I can function reasonably well during the day.
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About 4-5. I've been having trouble sleeping for quiet a while now.
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wellll it depends if i smoke a bowl or was drinking the night before i sleep way heavier, so like 9 during school year
if im regular then its like 7ish? maybe 6.

then weekends either 3 hours if im partying
if im not then like 10-11
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During school/work about 6. when I'm off I try to sneak in 8
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I et up at 7 for school. It varies, but I usually go to bed at around 3 or 4.


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durring summer 10 usually, but durring school it's 6-8
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Right now it varies so much I couldn't even begin to guess, sometimes it's a normal amount, sometimes up to 14 hours, sometimes none.
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I try to get to bed at around 11 each night. Depending on which class I have the next morning, I get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep.
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anywhere from 2 to 12

usually around 6 or 7
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Usually 6 to 8 hours
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Depends for me. I tend to have a hard time falling asleep so it just depends on my condition at the time. I could lie in bed for hours or fall asleep in five minutes. It also depends on the type of weed I have.
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9 PM to 5 AM... so 8 hours. If I can, I go to sleep around 8:00.... Without sleep I really can't function during my classes. If I finish my work and goof off a bit, I sleep as early as possible. Only on weeknights though.
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used to be 11+ because of vacation. now its like 7-9 :/
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Depends for me. During School? Sometimes 6-8, sometimes only 4. Weekends though? Ive slept for 16 hours once. Good shit.

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I aim for 8, but I'm terrible at getting my sleep pattern to work. Last night it was 4, the night before it was 12.
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Depends. If it's a busy week for me, it can be any between literally just a few minutes a night to almost 15 hours. If it's a slow week with nothing to do, I guess 8 hours.
four to six. it takes me half an hour to an hour to get to sleep, and I wake up at an ungodly hour.
Ill usualy go a month or so on 5-6 hours of sleep a night and be fine, then completely crash one day and die due to lack of sleep, then after thats over, repeat the cycle.
Seriously, I'm like a Koala. But for the past few days I've been having trouble sleeping. Today I had just under 4 hours of sleep.

I just had my breakfast so I can't even nap for a few hours and I'm starting to feel tired now.
It varies so much. Like, 9 hours or so on the weekends/vacations. <6 on school nights, usually about 5.
During the summer, I actually try to cut back on sleep, that way I feel more awake during school when I need it...

so summer I get around 4, school I get around 6
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Quote by NoOne0507
Didn't you just graduate? Why are you undersleeping?

Working night shift makes it hard to get enough sleep most of the time. That is if I want to have a life outside of work.
Summer - Sleeping hours are usally 3/4 am - 11/12 pm
School - 2/3 am - 8.30 am
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Usually about six hours. It always sucks to be up at five.
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at least 12 when school's out, half that when it's in.
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On average about 5
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6 hours is what I normally get, and I can function OK with that much.
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~7 during the week. 8-12 on weekends/holidays.
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