I have some nice wacky pedals, (Whammy, Wah, Fuzz Factory, Delay).
I love making atmospheric music and am very expiremental. I'm looking to get a volume pedal next. But I was wondering, what other pedals do you think are worth looking into? Also do they have a sustainer pedal for guitar that'll make your notes last longer for even infinite maybe? I already know about the Fernandes Sustainer, but I rather have a pedal.
Check out the eBow. There's a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you'll LOVE it.
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i would look into getting a higher quality chorus. the one on the whammy is sub par and a good one can add a ton of depth to your tone.
If you really want a wacky pedal look into the WMD Geiger Counter or Oohlala Effector 13 Synth Mangler. Also anything with a feed back loop.
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I would love to try and use the ebow, but I don't think I would use it enough to buy one.
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Everything you guys mentioned is SIIIICK. I love you guys, and I thought I was about done shopping.
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How about that?

EDIT: The POG2 they show would be another cool pedal just to get some different sounds with your guitar.

thats pretty cool. even if the guy demoing it is pretty lame lol
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Try this weird little unit from New Zealand:

Or perhaps:

I've tried both (and would like to be able to justify the MuRF... the P&C is a little way down the "to get" list - which is actually being crossed off, gradually).
You'll have to see if there any demos of them both as I can't really describe the effects they have...
Look thru an Electro Harmonix catalog, they have alot of stuff that would fit the bill. Although personally, I've found that a good delay pedal (and alot of time spent tinkering around with it) can give you alot of fun sounds and effects.
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