So ive been playing guitar for 4 years, and just started to record some of my stuff.
Im into the more heavy genres of guitar playing...so As I Lay Dying was the band of choice this time.

Can I get some comments, on either my guitar playing, or my recording method..and how to improve it? Greatly appreciated, always come to this site for tabs and info.

Rock on. : )


^ Please comment or give me tips
Read the rules, bud. There's a subforum dedicated to covers songs.


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Work on timing. There were very many significantly late/off time notes. Although putting it together with the video/song might be to blame for it.
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Read the rules, bud. There's a subforum dedicated to covers songs.


I hate when people are like this. It's called a mistake. There is no need to act like a mod...."REPORTED!" I mean seriously who cares if this thread is here for a little bit? The mods will take care of it when they see it. so annoying
Wow. uhhh. If you looked when i joined up youl see it was what. 3 hours ago? God....mod wannabes are friggin everywhere.

Anyways.....yeah at the beginning especially, the timing was off because It was an error I made...and i think the entire sync is off by a tad too, making that seem even more drastic.
the point of reporting it is to get a mods attention so we can move it. except if you want to be jerk about it, we could just close it instead. your call.