Which type of hot sauce do you think is the best?

I use this stuff:

You get more burn out of a few drops of that than you do with other brands.


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Blair's 16 million reserve. The hottest a substance can chemically be. Ever.
Tapatio is the greatest hot (well, it's not that hot, really) sauce ever made. Anyone who disagrees is a vagina.
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i like buffalo wild wings sauces
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Frank's Red Hot ftw.

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Frank's Red Hot > everything else
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My hot sauce...
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This is the greatest hot sauce known to man.

This man knows his shit. Also anything buy Blairs is pretty awesome. I love hot shit, the hotter the better.
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Franks is the best but Crystal Louisiana Pure is pretty good too.
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Another one of my favorites.

Rooster (cawk) sauce is pretty awesome, but I only use it for Asian foods. It's soooo good in soups!
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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