So I do all of my own recording by myself and always write my music first then lyrics, but i thought of a song and have to write the music to the lyrics and I am having a realy hard time, does anyone have some tips?
Ur on the right track. U just need to come up with lyrics. Just do the Dave mustaine method write about politics, society, love stories (boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl hates boy, boy then kills girl) lol
Personally I usually have back catalogues of lyrics that never really get used, I tend to be more lyrically prolific than musically. Usually when I write a piece of music I like to "live with it" a while until I get a feel for it, then add lyrics when appropriate. This sometimes means using existing ones (which usually will require some tweaking) or making up new ones.

It all depends on your style and whatever works for you. Personally that's one of the most challenging things about writing songs, getting the lyrics to fit the music!

Good luck with it though,

And all the time I'm thinking, "If I only had a pair of wings".