hi guys, been a while since I asked a question on here, i've progressed alot since then thanks to tips on here and am very happy

anyhow, i'm just kinda confused about how exactly do you interpret chord covers on this site? for example, i want to play this Linkin Park - Numb acoustic version (http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/l/linkin_park/numb_acoustic_crd.htm#comments) it just says the name on the chords over the words on each line.

I know how to play these chords but...the problem is, what exactly am I meant to do, strum them once wherever it says them or what? this might be a really stupid question but i can't figure it out so here i am..
Listen to the song/watch covers for the rhythm of the song and then play the chords mentioned. You switch chords at the word the chord name is on top of.
is there any way for practising this , i'm finding it really hard to decipher the rythm stuff..almost impossible
Most of the chords on UG have lyrics on them. One thing you could do would be to listen to the lyrics of the song, look out for the chords on top of the lyrics, and then switch chords when the chord is above the word that is being sung.
If you want to figure out the striking pattern i find that it's made easier when you fallow the drum beat. Eventually you will find that if you add some muted chords to the progression it will sound better, but i always say to find the pattern first, then figure the rest out.
But I'll repeat that fallowing the drum beat you can't go wrong because your mimicking two of the instruments and anyone listening will not notice that you may be playing the rhythm slightly different than the original artist. Also the rhythm guitar usually fallows the drums anyway.
you just need to follow the chord changes. try to use your ear and listen where the song changes chords. you'll be much better off doing that than just trying to link up the lyrics with the chords (especially if you dont know the lyrics by heart) it'll get easier. slow it down if you have to
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i think i know what you mean..
you see, you don't always have to strike the chord when the word is sung just because the chord is on top of the word.
for ex., the one you showed us, numb,
that e minor at the beginning isn't played as soon as he sings "i'm", because he doesnt sing it as soon as the bar starts..if i'm not mistaken, it should be like 1 stroke of E, and then keep strumming it while he's singing, the c changes when it changes there, yet you strike the G exactly as he says "feeling", not in the middle, and the D when it says so, then with E minor you start all over again...i don't know if i've made mysekf clear, or if this was your problem to begin with. if you just look at it ant take exactly as it's written down, you'll get confused, do a messy job and possibly go out of time..
you sort of have to feel for it,and imprtantly listen to it.
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