Hey! I've been learning to record with my band but we're a little stuck on something. We're not sure how to do vocals. We recorded them and our mic is fairly good but we don't know what effects to use. We want our vocals to be clear and sound smooth but we don't wanna have like stacked effects to make it sound fake you know? Can anyone point us to a guide or give us a tip or two? Thanks!
what i would do, is, mess around with the effects, a five second vocal clip, and keep doing that till you find what you like
Compression for sure. What else I do is copy and paste the track onto another channel. One of them is fairly dry in terms of reverb and the other has massive reverb, then I balance out the two tracks.
all i ever use is compression, reverb and an EQ. i use light to moderate compression depending on the song and style, but compression on vocals is almost essential. i dont really like my voice, so i sometimes use too much EQ. typically just cutting off some of the extreme lows and rolling off the extreme highs works, just so you dont have frequencies you dont need (similar to a guitar). i typically also have a slight boost in the range where the singer's voice sits.

for reverb, do what pwrmax said. take your vocal track, and have it send to both the main output, and also to an aux track. on the aux track you have a completly wet reverb plugin (mix to 100%). adjust reverb to taste, and then set the relative levels between them. it sounds much better than having the reverb on your vocal track IMO.