Whenever I record something i can see the wave form preview and its perfectly in time then when im done recording and the waveform preview turns into the actual waveform its like it offsets its self one second to the left. My latency is 20/ms so i know its defiantly not that and it just started happening no problems before this.

I know this is a double post the other is in the electric guitar forum, delete that one not this one if need be.
This would be the correct place for this type question.
As for the answer to it, I'm lost.....I'm still using Sonar 8 myself but never had any issues with the audio clips moving on their own.
Try switching to WDM driver for testing, WDM mode should have around 100ms.
Check if the 1s latency is still there.
Im using an ASIO driver the problem is a little hard to explain. I can see in the waveform preview that everything i played fit in the area i recorded, then then when the waveform preview becomes the actual waveform it slides back one second. The clip itself doesn't slide back the waveform inside the clip does.
its moving in the clip "block"?....thats just even stranger....

IDK, All, I can suggest is try the Sonar Producer forums at the Cakewalk website and see if anyone has run into this issue in the past.

yea I had issues with the ASIO drivers but switched to WDM mode and I'm synced up again with my FP10 interface....not sure what that was all about but I figured I'd still mention it.