Hey all, I figured that we needed a thread dedicated to these wonderfully humorous online offerings. They're one of the main things I look at on the net (for me, anyhow). Here can be a place for people to share their favourite strips, discuss the merits of various artists, discover new and exciting webcomics and, best of all, have a good time doing so.

When posting comics, it'd be helpful to explain why you think that they're great, or how they appeal to you personally.

Here's a strip to start us off, from Antics:

I love Antics, as the artist manages to put so much expression and humour into simply drawn characters. There's only two main characters, but they have been in so many situations taken from daily life as well as absurd imaginings.

I'm also a fan of Explosm, xkcd, Gunshow and some others which I'll post some comics from later.

Get to it, guys and girls