Hey guys, Now I've played instruments since a young age like 8. Clarinet was first trombone second. Clarinet I was average at for 6 years, then my school wanted more trombonist so they got me lessons to switch halfway thru the year, I had 3 months to learn decent highschool level music in 8th grade, I progressed but of course wasn't so good.

However, in between transitioning between 8th and 9th grade, they suggest I do marching band. I did, the music was over my head, stuff from Tchaikovsky etc, and this particular piece called Russian Sailors Dance, go search on youtube and listen how fast the end is, I couldn't play that cleanly at all. So I didn't start off slowly at all, but within that year I progressed quickly giving an hour a day to the instrument, so much so that I made our symphony band for 11th grade. I loved being in the band we traveled to see professional symphonies and played college level symphonic music etc.

Once a year we got to play in a great auditorium, search Hill Auditorium for some pics, its in MI, and the sound is just great. Now my last time playing there, I was wondering if I'll ever play in a place like that again, I love music tried doin my own thing but I decided trombone was not the instrument I wanted to right music with.

So 2 years after having not picked up an instrument, and having the thoughts my music teachers, one who was a in a symphony band, say if I just tried I could be a pro trombonist. During those two years I'm taking gen ed classes in college, but as with my whole life I just listen to music so much of the day so many different varieties but never had I listened to any classic rock.

I search best songs ever, Stairway comes up, I listen thinking the beginning is quite weird, but things start building up like some of my favorite classical music pieces that I listen to, then of course the perfect solo that, I had tears come from hearing that solo lol, cuz I immediately thought how great it was and why didn't I listen to people and stick with music. That just lead me into hearing all these other great classic rock bands and amazed at how good they were.

Now, I've been practicing guitar for three months, still consider myself a beginner, but I just have a feeling I will get to that level that my teachers said I could, not with trombone but with this guitar, I have a instructor, and I know I'm progressing quicker than I did with other instruments because of time and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really want to play in Hill Auditorium again, in front of my old teachers one day soon, and join a band, I have a really good drummer buddy who was also in symphony band, but he practiced tons and is in a break from his band right now.

So of course I searched guitarist who started late and the most notable are Joe Walsh and Glenn Tipton. I won't be them, I'll be myself of course, but I've never felt a passion for doing something like this, even when it took 10 seconds to change chords quickly, I know in the back of my head from learning other instruments, it will come, and 3 months later i can change from all my beginner open chords in time with quicker music, now I'm beginning barre chord changes etc.

I know this is too long lol, but I've been holding how this song make feel ever since I heard it.
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If the Stairway solo made you cry, the solo in this song will make you melt. It's my favorite solo of all time and certainly the most heartfelt in my book. Let it be further inspiration for your guitar playing.

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I knew my question would get lost in all that, so here it is, what is a moment you realized a passion, via something you saw, experienced, whatever?

I wasn't bawling out crying, just my eyes got a little watery and I was like man I gotta get to work on my life skills, and things just clicked, i practice guitar a lot, work harder at work, however hard you can work at Abercrombie lol. Its kind of changed my thinking about life, that if I wanna get my body into tip top shape like my model manager wants me too I have to do various other things to reach that goal like diet, exercise, etc. Just like music various other things contribute to a good final product or song. School work gotta put in the time until things become natural like that solo.
Cool story, bro.
well the way you got into guitar was way better then my original intentions :\
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I only capitalized the things I did because they are associated with a song, place, or something important. Not like I capitalized things like your examples, now my title that is a different story.

By capitalizing Stairway, I didn't wanna put (to Heaven) lol, would have made it so much longer
ITT: TS discovers Stairway and thinks he will have a career in music.
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