I'm looking for a set of pickups to replace the stock ones in my epi les paul. I'd like some with a little higher output than like a vintage PAF type deal and with more of a modern type of sound. i'm looking for something that will handle a little bit higher gain stuff without getting all fizzy. the type of music i play is mostly alternative bordering on the progressive side of things (coheed and cambria, mars volta, etc) any recommendations?
Take a look at the Duncan Distortions and the Duncan JB (bridge) and Jazz (neck).
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First thought is Irongear Hot Slags. Opened up they roar. Back off a bit and they clean up like a PAF. Great for lead work as they have boosted mid-high response, compared with most other hot pickups. Oh, and they are easy on the wallet.
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I like the sound of Petrucci's DiMarzios back in the old days, not sure if you can get those in a Les Paul though.
Have a look at Rockmonkey pickups, more specifically the Silverback.

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