im curious to know if there are any relatively know artists (new or old) who use solid state amps.

i know Chuck Schuldiner used a valvestate but are there any others?

this isnt intended as a SS vs Tube thread, im just curious to know any artist who use SS amps.
well a lot of jazz guitarists used the roland jc-120. cant name any of them, but they did.
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Dimebag always swore by a SolidState i believe until he switched to Krank and made the Krankenstein
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Mmm I love my JC-120.

Uhh... I'm pretty sure Hetfield used one for a lot of the clean sections of the Black Album?
Andy Gill used a solid-state in Gang of Four. Not sure if he still does now that they're back together, or what the brand/model of the amp was, but I know it was solid-state.