Had a little dabble in making my own pedals! Boss are far superior to anything i'll ever be able to make so sticking with them!

Everything is thr! Capacitors, (all different types), Resistors, transistors, (all types) Trimming pots, pots, sockets, toggle switches, dpdt switches, Lots of different IC's, Diodes, (all types) Wire, battery clips, copper boards, project boxes, unfinished projects,....

EVERYTHING you need!





Open to offers as everything is just cluttering up space.

I would prefer buyer to collect but will post if shipping costs are met.

I live in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.



Hmmm, I might be interested. What sort of price are you thinking? Also, what kind of ICs are included?
looking for around £50 ono

list of IC's

RC4558 x 4
JRC4558 x 1
NE555,NE556 x 9
UA741 x 4
LM324N x 4
LM1548 x 4
TL074 x3
TCA0372 x 2
plus sound fx chips from organs, and a load socketed on made boards.
Mostly op-amps then? Hmm, might be interested, but I'll have to ask my flatmate who is more of an electronics expert than me. I'll get back to you!