in know its possible with a battery and a couple of bulbs, but does the same principal apply with with the transformer??
Yes. Provided you do a parallel wiring scheme, instead of series. If you wire them in series, each pedal will get 4.5 vdc. Wire them in parallel, each pedal gets 9 vdc. Keep in mind that the current draw will probably double, if both pedals are turned on at the same time, so this will have the effect of cutting the battery lifespan in about half.

Edit: I may've misunderstood your question, but it's also possible to do this with a 9v adapter. If you use the type sold by Radio Shack, or similar, expect some hum. I'd use one that's designed for use with pedals. It will be properly designed to have a clean, DC output. Use one not designed for pedals and the DC output may have some AC ripple on it, which will cause hum.
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Just buy a daisy chain cable, same principle. Wire the pedals in parallel, make sure the current rating of the transformer is sufficient to power all the pedals at the same time (most are 500mA transformers i believe, pedals usually draw about 100mA of current unless they're a tubescreamer or delay).
If you buy the 1Spot, it will handle an amp. I run 11 pedals from mine and it has no problem.
I second the one spot, for the price, it's probably 10 times easier, and you don't really have to worry about current draw, as it can support up to like 25 pedals or something like that.


A daisy chain cable IS wired parallel...

It will work but the typical 9v wall-wart can only handle 200-300mA current draw. simple dirtboxes dont draw much current (iirc a DS-1 draws like 50mA). They are also very poorly filtered so even if it is quiet with 1 pedal, each pedal added increases the load.

as the load increases, it pulls more voltage out of the (only) filter cap so the hum gets worse with each pedal added because the cap loses charge that much faster between the full-wave-rectified DC pulses.