The mundanity of browsing
spars with the emotionlessness of wanking
and they come to blows over my hand.
I have the mendacity to believe
that they can see me and are putting on a show just for me,
but I soon realise they’re just whores
and I’d be better off finding love in a concentration camp
wearing the death mask of Hitler.

It’s sunny outside, warm too,
but I sit at the computer, staring into the screen,
the great crystal ball of fantasies,
ready to work up another storm surge.
Then I see her, a cock in her mouth
and tears in her eyes.
I’ve seen people less miserable
in a queue outside an assisted suicide clinic,
or women standing outside nurseries
after having a miscarriage.

She looks at the camera, through the camera,
and her eyes are pleading with me,
demanding that I help her,
to get her out of this work
and make love to her, with feeling,
not just thrusting and grunting.

She finishes him off and swallows,
and grimaces slightly as it goes down.
Looking up, she gives a half-arsed, over-rehearsed smile
and stands up dejected, her hair wet and limp,
a blank Afghanistan-stare in her eyes.
The camera fades to black as the man
and the guy behind the camera high-five.
And I never see her again.

She might be dead now,
overdosed on buprenorphine,
or a melon-sized hole in the back of her head
where the shotgun was aimed.
Perhaps, though, she got out,
and now she drives a sports car
with a new life and a penthouse.
A wardrobe just for her bikinis
or a butler to offer her drinks.
I just want to love her,
to see her,
and see how she really smiles.
Wow, to be honest, I wasn't expecting something so depressing from the title. This was excellent, nevertheless... Any writer who can so poetically make us re-evaluate things we take for granted or joke about like this is truly talented. Well done.

"Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time."

Well, i has hoping to spank the monkey after reading this, but i can't really do that now.

great piece.
I think that if you renamed the title just ''My Princess'' then the subject matter might be a tad more disturbing and shocking,
Wow, that was great. I really liked it. I can't even think of anything more to say it's so good Keep on Writing
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