Been a while since I've posted anything up on UG. Today will change that
I need to sell things for education funds & also because I just spent £600+ on a racing rig for PS3 (I love GT so shush)
Up for sale is my Gibson Explorer project. Its just the body/neck nothing else.
I started sanding it down & then got fed up/lost interest in the project. It was going to be Het'd up
I'm looking for about £150~ posted.
Click this link for pictures..

I dont think its a genuine Gibson but it was damn nice when it was all strung up.
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Aiyeeee, I kinda want that. But I live in norway, and I Dont have the funds for this atm. But I've been drooling for an explorer for ages now.
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I'd take £100 collected in cash as thats an offer I had but unfortunately he got another guitar while waiting to be able to pick this up, so £100 collected or £115 posted
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Where in the uk is the collection from... i'm seriously interested if you can hold it until i get paid next friday?
Shipping to US would cost way too much, it would be about $270~ posted

I'm in Nottingham & yes I could hold it for you
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Cool, I can offer a deposit to make sure it gets held... I would need it posted really as i am in cornwall, how do you want to take payment... paypal?
Paypal would be best yeah. You can give me a deposit if you want but I will keep it for you regardless. I could post it easily enough, is £115 posted alright for you?
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yeah 115 sounds good to me. if you want to pm me with your paypal details ill send the payment through on friday if thats ok