Im buying a wah wah and an effect pedal any time now and I would like to know if anyone here on the forums know what kind of effect this is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfiOGyMy1ag In the intro ofcourse, its distortion, though what kind of distortion?

It has a special kind of sound compared to other distortion pedals.. and thats what im after.

So if you have any kind of idea, feel free to reply :P
sounds somewhat like an envelope filter or maybe phaser...

EDIT* Oh... bass forum... seems I'm lost^^
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It's just a standard distortion, possibly a guitar pedal rather than one designed specifically for bass.

The thing that makes the majority of the sound is the wah.
It's distortion and wah. You even see him playing a wah pedal when the camera zooms in on his feet.
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If i recall didn't he play that through a guitar amp?
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If i recall didn't he play that through a guitar amp?



No he didn't.
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No he didn't.

Whoops, actually watched all that video and realized that wasn't Cliff. Don't no how i missed that i was even reading the date.

But in another video, the one that has the massive intro solo(im too lazy to link) didn't he play through a guitar amp for it? I remember being told, I think by someone on here that that was the case