I was contemplating this one for a while, I wasnt sure if I wanted to sell it or not.
I was planning on giving this a custom paint job so it was unique for me.
But if I can get a decent amount for it I'll let it go to a UG'er.
Its in great condition only one paint chip on one of the fins (pictures in the link below)
Other than that chip its perfect.
I have the Jackson hardcase with it aswell which are hard to come by.
I'm looking for £425posted (£475 with case) Will consider trades also so give me an offer.
Click here for pictures..
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Oh damn.. I forgot to mention that its got a Dimarzio Evolution pickup instead of the EMG.
I wish you could edit..
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Bump anyone else interested.
I've got it on ebay but for more than on here.
So pick it up cheaply
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Bump for lower price (I kinda need cash)
£400posted/£450posted(w/ case)
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