If you are a fan of indie rock, folk and/or alt-country, you must hear this album! Take a look at the review and give the Avett Brothers a good listen!


Also, check out CD review such as the new Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, or Concert Reviews like MGMT!

The Avett Brothers are amazing. I think lyrically I and Love and You, and Murder In the City are probably two of the finest songs out there at the moment!
I listen to all of their albums but this one. I was not fond of it at all.
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Being a long time fan of the Avetts, I just now listened to this album for the the first time all the way through (I put it off because of all the talk about the changes and the new mainstream sound).

Basically, outside of a handful of tracks it doesn't sound like the Avett Brothers.

Hell, some of the songs sound like straight up radio country.