Hi, up for sale is my Marshall DSL401 JCM2000. Twin channel (well 2.5 channel really - Clean, Drive and Boost) all-valve 1x12 combo.

Got this a while ago as a back up and really never used it so now it's time to clear it out. Must have had no more than 30 hours bedroom use (no gigs) and is in absolutely immaculate condition, looks exactly like it did in the shop.

Tone wise it's pretty much as you'd expect from a Marshall, great clean channel that is warm and fat without being muddy and the gain channel goes from a nice AC/DC Zep-style crunch to way more OD than I'll ever need.

Decent built in reverb plus an effects loop for anyone needing to add something to your sound. A really cool feature of this amp is that:

"It's a Post Phase Inverter Master Volume Amp (PPIMV) meaning that whatever signal created in the pre-amp stage is sent through the V4 PI before hitting a Master Volume Potentiometer. This means you can have PI distortion (which in theory is output stage distortion and distorts smoother than pre-amp gain) without power-tube distortion (only available at very high volumes). In most other tube amps, the Master Volume comes before the Phase Inverter so that PI distortion and Power Tube distortion are no longer independent." (according to some guy on Harmony Central)

In practice this means that if you run the Master Volume on full and then use your gain (or drive channel volume) to control the output then you get a really nice tube overdrive without tearing your eardrums.

Right now I don't have a picture to hand but will be uploading one soon and can email if needed. Looking for £350. I'm currently splitting my time between Teesside and Leeds so if you're anywhere near either of these locations you're more than welcome to try the amp. Any questions just drop me a message