Okay, so I have been playing guitar for about seven years but have never really committed to it. I have always slacked off with it and fear that I may have developed some really bad habits in regards to my technique and whatnot. I am looking to become a serious musician. In doing so I want to learn theory, become a better guitarist and develop a better understanding of not just music but sound science in general (hence, I have also joined an audiophile forum). I am very interested in exploring the fundamentals of 'organized sound'.

I have been told that to become a better guitarist it is best to play regularly. While I think this is a great start I want the right tools to work with. I am thinking it would be wise to start playing scales, chords, and music theory (I have just started reading on musictheory.net). Additionally, I think it may be a good idea to become acquainted with the material of my favourite artists. However, I often find I have little interest in learning what they play (but, I think this may change). Personally, I love to write (I was in a black metal band when I was younger and wrote material that I still think to this day had some merit).

Now, I am that I am (re)starting in the right direction but if someone could please direct me to some links where I can further acquire information about scales, chords, technique, music theory, etc that would be great. I don't expect anyone to do the work for me but I figure that asking to be pointed in the right direction wouldn't hurt. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I genuinely appreciate it.
Well, you could go to a teacher, you said you've developed bad habits, a teacher could probably point them out and tell you how to correct them. But as for restarting, you could look around UG/Youtube, you'll find a lot of stuff to help you out. Good luck.