I just bought a new ibanez (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!) I dont have a camera so Im lazy not doing a NGD or anything... xD BUT the thing is, Im going to take out all the electronics from my LTD and stick them into the ibby. So Im a bit lazy and the guitar will be unstringed at least overnight, maby 2 days. That takes the equaling tension off the neck.

Do I have to adjust my truss rod (when unstringed) to equalize the neck straight while not having string tension on it so that it wont get f*cked up (1-2 days)?

Thanks in advance
A couple days will be fine without adjusting the truss rod.
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ok cool.

anyone else want to share their opinions? 2 is better than one.

What would be a time (how long) that you should adjust it?
I have went a couple of days without stringing before and it was fine, go ahead and do it.
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I had the strings off my Ibanez for like 2 weeks while i was changing my pickups and my neck is fine. I had the strings off my SG for 2 years and the neck is fine.
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