the brilliance of man are institutions,
able to straighten female jaws
into pillows of perfection;
only then is beauty ambigious.
evolution of technology?
all for a few photos that look
maybe candid enough to artistic
or symphonic.
but really, when you're getting head,
the teeth don't matter much.
blowjobs are lonesome-
every experience is a lonely one.
we are isolated by tv screens, telephone
lines that scatter themsevles over indian reservations-
miles and miles of wood and steel.
we are
plunging the heart constantly
until only the eyes retain blood-
we can still see the advertisements
and the last text mesage sent.

whatever is made can be made
cheaper and better in wal-mart
whatever you feel can be felt
cheaper and better in wal-mart
whatever you think can be bought
and consumed at a rate that makes
atom and hydrogen bombs look insignifcant
at wal-mart
but those bombs never go off.