Carvin CT4M

Sorry for the bad photos.

Plays and sounds absolutely amazing, puts my Jackson DK-2 (with real Duncans) to shame. The tung-oil neck is the best I've ever felt (it's very similar to that of the gunstock oil on Musicman guitars.) The stainless steel frets are so very smooth and slick.

Any questions or comments?
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I'd send it back, Carvin built it the wrong way round

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Nice. I've got CS3 on order that should be done later this month.

SS Frets make that much of a difference, do they? Good to know the $40 I paid for them will not be wasted.

also, needz moar black back and sides. But happy NGD regardless. Seeing satisfied customers certainly helps ease my apprehension about waiting for mine.
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I wanted to make a lefty joke but I've beaten to the punch.

It's beautiful, I'm jealous and hate you a little bit.

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HNGD I do love carvins
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Beautiful guitar!

Too bad its left handed. Haha. Jokes.
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Yes!!! Another Carvin!!

go post this on the Carvin forumns if you haven't already
Quote by ZOMGdonuts
Yes!!! Another Carvin!!

go post this on the Carvin forumns if you haven't already

He has. I thought about bugging him there as soon as I saw both threads, but IIRC UG has a "don't link to other message boards" thing.
That's a real beauty, congrats!! Carvin is next on my list for sure, lot's of lefty love
Hell I could start all over to be a lefty just for that one :p

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Hang on a sec, what kind of blue is that? Because I asked Carvin to do a blue similar like that for my ST a couple months back and they didn't.
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Welcome to the Carvin club. A real beauty there.

Both my Carvins have SS MJ frets and 10" radius ebonys. Wouldn't have any other way.

Sorry, gotta show 'em off.

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Nice, I want one of their dual cut 24 fret carved tops, I hope to order one about a year from now.
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