Could I run my mesa boogie dual rectifier head through my mesa boogie maverick combo amp?

It has two 12" celestion V30s and has two 4 ohm inputs with an open cab. I just need to know if it's possible or if it is best to buy a mesa stilletto cab or something

Thanks Guys
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My 5150 combo's speakers plugged into an internal 1/4" jack. If your Maverick combo is setup like that, you could route the wire from your speakers to the outside and plug it into the external speaker jack on the Recto.

The cable that connected my 5150 Combo's speaker to the head internally had a 1/4" instrument plug on one side and two wires that attached to the speaker tabs (+/-) on the other. One went to the positive tab on the first speaker and the other went to the negative tab on the second. A single wire went from the negative tab from the first speaker to the positive tab on the second (wired in series).
Since the Dual Recto is 100W and the speakers are 60W each, you should be fine.

HOWEVER, whatever happens, make sure you're plugging the cable from the speakers into your Recto, and NOT plugging your Recto into your Maverick's speaker output.
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