OK so my favorite bands are Megadeth, Metallica, System of a Down, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Motörhead. Still I've recently been listening a lot to Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys (mainly for a band project I'm in currently), and I love their energy and some of their riffs, it's a nice change of pace. I wanted to know what other bands with a similar style could I find (note that I asked a friend of mine this exact same question and he suggested the Smiths, and nah, that wasn't exactly what I'm looking for, it was like FF or AM minus the parts I actually like). Thanks!
The Kaiser Chiefs are similar to those guys right? The Fratellis could be a good place as well.

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I'd be amazed if you didn't enjoy Orange Juice.
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If you're after somehting in the vein of the groups you mentioned, listen to Blur, Bloc Party, Maximo Park. Also try the older '70s punk groups like The Jam and The Clash who pretty much influenced the recent indie guitar groups. Give early Dr. Feelgood a listen as well while you're at it.

Something else worth trying is The Stone Roses if you're after something a bit trippy. Their debut album is a personal favourite of mine. Its like having the psychadelia and jangly guitars of the Beatles mixed with dance rhythms.
I'm defo with you fellas, the stone roses! chech this;


The Seahorses, Squires band after the roses;


The Verve;


or how about a bit of The Coral,


Though it has to be said, I'm not the best at picking out songs that best represent a band! but you cant go far wrong listening to any of these.
Oh, Lovvers are quite a good band too. They're sort of punky.

"I don't have an instrument, I don't have a great voice, I just have some nice clothes maybe." paul rutherford
It sounds like you're after a kind of modern Brit-rock sound, in which case I recommend:

The Futureheads - Decent Days And Nights, Meantime
The Cribs - Men's Needs, Hey Scenesters
Razorlight - Stumble And Fall, Up All Night
Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats, Never Meant To Hurt You
The Libertines - Time For Heroes, Can't Stand Me Now
The Rakes - Strasbourg, The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect

My other ideas are Modest Mouse and Biffy Clyro. A bit different and more obviously alternative but still full of energy and complexity in Biffy's case.

MM - Never Ending Math Equation, Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
BC - That Golden Rule, Bodies In Flight
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