hey guys this is me on guitar and my mate singing, to the kooks naive, please give constructive critism and please comment on the vid and thumbs up


cheers guys
considering the shotty camera work, it definitely seems like a very nice live performance. The only thing I could really critic would be your friends projection when he is singing alone, it seems like he gets a little quiet. Might be the recording though. The guitar seems to be on time and everything fits the song. I quite enjoyed it.


I liked
Awesome vocals, good acoustic playing the only bad point was the bad recording
4/5 stars in my opinion

if you can comment my band cover I'll be very glad (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1355756)
Well done. Sounds great. I love that song. You should do that one kooks song where they say "The day you move, I'm probably going to explode" The guitar riffs are sweet.
Likes XD
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