Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a new Amp and the best one within my price range that suits my play style & suits my Play style is Orange the Tiny Terror Combo. I've read lots of reviews and they all rate it very highly, also on the youtube videos I've seen it sounds beautiful. I Like to play Classic rock and more modern stuff, not really heavy metal or anything like that so for around the same price could I pick up anything better or is this the best bet? (as i think it is!)


The TT always sounds good in YouTube clips, unfortunately it sounds the same in real life.

Catch my drift?
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Well unfortunately It looks like i'll be parting with my cash, Is the drift caught? :P
Im looking at getting the same thing, but my worry is that its not going to be loud enough through my 4x12. I run a 40watt amp through it and the volume/master is only around 3 on it. So im wondering if the Tiny Terror would have enough juice to replace it.
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I'll have to look into this amp. I heard pretty good things, but Have never played it.
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