UPS delivered a surprise today! The TC Nova Repeater digital delay! Excuse the cell phone pics.


First and foremost, this pedal is built to last. It feels very strong and sturdy, I wouldn't be too afraid If I accidentally dropped it. It has up to 1200 milliseconds of delay, which can be controlled by the range knob. But I don't use the range or delay knobs much because of the tap tempo feature. The kill dry obviously kills your dry sound and boosts the wet signal a little bit. Spillover, a feature that is very handy, allows the delay to fade on even when you turn the pedal off. Very convenient. Then the tone knob changes the tone of the repeats from perfectly clear to dark.

Here's a look at all the delay types:

Studio - Perfectly clear and bright. Keeping the tone knob at 12 o clock sounds best because any higher, and the repeats get harsh. Not much to say, it's just your standard digital delay sound.

Analog - A bit darker than studio, but I turn the tone knob down almost all the way so it sounds even more analog-ish. I also add a bit of chorus to it as well. It won't decay the way a true analog pedal does, but I purchased this because I prefer digital. If you're looking for a digital pedal with a good analog model, look elsewhere.

Tape - Very unimpressive. It sounds no different than the analog setting.

Dynamic - Very cool. The repeats duck until you stop playing. It even responds to your guitar volume, so the repeats are always ducking while you're playing. Perfect for soloing.

Reverse - I originally thought reverse was just a novelty. Boy was I wrong. Using this in some mellow, clean passages really fills out the sound. It's also very fun to kill the dry sound and hear your playing reversed, ala Hendrix.

Ping Pong - Unfortunately, I don't have a stereo setup yet, so I cannot comment.

The division knob is fun for getting some cool delays, especially when you mess with the tap tempo. The dual delay is awesome as well, but unfortunately I cant use it to it's full effect because I don't have a stereo setup. Nevertheless, I can still hear both delays (a tad muddy in mono) and it's a blast to use.

I would also like to comment on the spillover feature once more. By playing a quick riff and turning the feedback up and turning the delay off, you instantly have a quick backing track to play over. Using the modulation I was able to get some keyboard-ish sounds to play over, and it was a blast.

The only thing I can knock beside the tape delay is the fact that there are no presets. It's not that big of an issue for me, but to some others it can make all the difference.
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Great review. I'd love to try one of these someday. I hear they're not quite as nice as the Nova Delay, but we shall see.

nice honest review.

congrats on the new pedal. hnpd
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I had one for a while......really nice pedal! Hnpd!!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow