Are you a guitar player? Have you always wished of being in a band? If so this might be the perfect opportunity you’ve been looking for. We desperately need a guitarist that can write his/her own music and knows how to rock! Now, you might ask yourself, is this band even gonna make a album? The answer is yes. We just need a guitarist that can make a good rhythm. We are a punk/ heavy group called 7 Reasons Why .The requirements are:
· You need to be between the ages of 12-15.
· It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy.
· Needs to be able to make most band rehearsals.
· Needs to be able to get along with the other members.(we don’t want this band splitting up just cuz we don’t get along.)
· Needs to have semi nice equipment (guitar, amp, distortion pedal can be supplied if needed,etc.)
· Must be able to make own rhythms.
· Must live in the Athens/Sayre area.
Now if you are interested, contact me at ethanaiosa@yahoo.com or leave a message on our site, which is http://7reasonswhy.yolasite.com/

So please, if your interested contact me on my email or the site. Thank you.
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