Hey guys, I seem to remember last year that most big chains like Guitar Center and Sam Ash did a 15-20% discount on their stuff, much like they did for Memorial Day. I was expecting that and have been waiting to pick up a Martin DC1E Acoustic Electric until Labor Day, expecting there would be the discount and I'd get to save 200 bucks (and frankly, who doesn't want to save a couple hundred in this economy lol). I just checked the Guitar Center website though and I don't see any inclination that such a sale is going on or is going to go on. Are the rest of you expecting any kind of sales even for labor day? And if not, when is the next time I could expect something like that besides Christmas time
Yeah, I got a 15% off thing from guitar center. Was hoping that my store would have the Paul Allender PRS. I've seen it there for $560.. :X
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What's Labor day and why is it spelt wrong?
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What's Labor day and why is it spelt wrong?

Actually, it's not spelled wrong. Not here in the US. We have different spellings than the UK for some words. But basically, Labor Day is a national holiday. Most everyone gets the day off of work. The idea originally was to honor the hard working American workforce or something. Now, like most American holidays, it just means a long weekend and a time when we all hunt for sales and markdowns. Kinda sad really...
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Actually, it's not spelled wrong. Not here in the US. We have wrong spellings for some words


But... Usually, in-store, you have to ask about discounts. They don't just say 'hey, want 200 bucks off this?'
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