Sooo yeah, the title pretty much sums it up.

I decided to try and depart from being 100% thrashy to more mellow stuff, which is a first (and a challenge).

This isnt going to be the finished product - Over the next few days I'll try and see if I can come up with more ideas and add little parts.

Recording equipment is still the same : Jackson DK2M going through a Spider III 30 through a rock band mic into Audacity. The other instruments were from Guitar Pro

tell me what you think and I'll crit back
... Where is it?

EDIT: Nevermind, found it in your profile.

It's pretty rough, but good. The only thing that really bothered me was some of the tones you used. Too harsh to my ears..
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The clean bits are better than the distorted ones in the middle of the song. Mainly because your bends are a bit bland (lacking vibrato). But the clean bits are definitely very well done, and the end is really good also.
the interesting staccato-ey bit with the cleans is really cool, will probably absorb something like that into my own playing. The guy above says it on the distortion stuff, perhaps find some way of getting your bends to break up a bit or get a better vibrato it goes in and out of tune which distracted me slightly.

Damn your clean tone is good for the equipment you're using. Really liked the intro part. Distorted tone isn't terrible but it could be better. (sounded really thin in comparison to the cleans).

Song wise I felt like it seemed kinda random. Start stop, start stop etc. The bits were cool i just think they could have been linked better. You definitely got the skill though so keep on keeping on. It'll only get better.
I liked the mellow parts the best (parts of it reminded me of Pink Floyd: this is a compliment). The first time it goes heavy it's too abrupt (maybe have more of a drum fill there at the transition). Later on, you do a much better transition to a heavy part. I like parts of the song, though sometimes it sounds like a mish-mash of various songs thrown together. I think it has potential. Please review my music at this link:

Wow dude, the mellow parts were amazing. The beginning was so ambient and sweet. But yeah, the tone of the distortion part seemed harsh like it was lacking mid tones or something, waaaaaay toooo trebley. Very very good though. Really liked it. Harmonics were a nice touch.