Hi guys, my amp is a Laney LH50R. It's about 15 to 20 years old and sounds great, but feedback just ruins the experience. I've been looking into the ISP noise decimator G-string pedal but I'm having trouble understanding it. I was hoping some of you could share your knowledge and perhaps let me know if it is suitable for me.

I'm hoping to reduce the feedback so that I can turn the gain on the amp up a bit. It feedbacks when the gain is about 6/10 with the volume at 2/10.

I've read some reviews saying that the g-string is better than the standard decimator because you don't need to switch it off when you switch from distortion to cleans. This is from the ISP website.
"The amazing thing is that you can switch from high gain to your clean channel and never have to switch the Decimator G String off due to the threshold being set too high. It’s simply transparent."

Can someone explain to me why this is so? I know it has something to do with being able to connect it straight into the amp as well as the effects loop simultaneously.

From what I understand is, I should have my delay pedal running after the decimator so that it doesn't choke out the echo/delay.

Will the setup below be suitable, and would the G-string be of any benefit over the standard decimator for the setup I'm using below?

This is similar to how a guy on youtube has his setup, and I'm assuming he was correct...