Hey, I play guitar, but I'm looking for a keyboard that doesn't need a laptop, is portable, versatile, decent sounding and doesnt cost a fortune. I'm looking to play a sort of Dean Fertita role in the band like QOTSA and the Dead Weather, just I don't have much knowledge on keyboards, I only own a cheap casio midi keyboard.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't really find anything appropiate...
You're going to need to state a budget for usefull suggestions.

PS - Dean Fertita is the shit.
"In modern music, a lot of people are really stuck on the example, asif it were the idea. It takes millions of examples to articulate an idea, so don't get stuck on the f*cking example." - Joshua Homme, 2008.
Up to £300, but the cheaper the better I guess, just as long as it can do some good fuzzy synth sounds really.

Yeah I was at the front at Reading for QOTSA. Needless to say, all I did was watch him.